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Exterior Wood Shutters

Board and Batten Exterior Shutters


Board and Batten Exterior Shutters

Our board and batten exterior shutters are popular in ranch-style homes and provide a unique rustic look. We use high-quality 1” cedar boards to craft our board and batten shutters. These boards are spaced equally and include a small gap to allow for expansion. Our precision construction process results in gorgeous shutters that can enhance your home’s curb appeal and add incredible value. We recommend cedar board and batten shutters because the material is a naturally decay-resistant wood. Straight and lightweight, nothing matches the performance of cedar. Semi-transparent and solid color stains are an excellent finish option. When painted, a good-quality, fast-drying, oil-based primer should be used. Left unfinished, cedar will silver and remain maintenance free for years. Order our premium board and batten exterior shutters now.

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Board & Batten Shutters

Board & Batten Shutters
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