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Wood Species


The Best Wood Species for Exterior Shutters & Millwork

At Millwork Traders, we pride ourselves on offering the widest selection of wood species for our custom-made shutters. Each option provides a unique look and feel, but only certain materials are ideal for outdoor use. We determined what we believe are the best woods for exterior shutters and millwork. We’ve outlined the benefits of each one below.

Western Red Cedar: Our choice material for over 45 years. Naturally decay-resistant, lightweight, straight, and features the lowest expansion ratio of any species. The tight grain of old-growth Western red is unmatched. FSC certified sustainable.

Cypress: Lightweight and offering some decay resistance, Cypress is a good choice for exterior use. The long Southern growing season leads to a wide or loose grain. Expansion ratios are very high. FSC certified sustainable.

Spanish Cedar:  Extremely heavy with an open grain, this tropical hardwood is often used for exterior millwork, especially along the coast. Its grain is porous and pitted. Farmed from forests in South America, it is often not managed.

Sapele Mahogany: Extremely hard and heavy this tropical hardwood is very similar to Spanish cedar in all aspects. While a good choice for exterior millwork, its weight really makes it less than ideal for shutters. Harvested in tropical forests it is unmanaged.

In addition to these woods we offer Basswood, Red Oak, Maple, and Yellow Pine for Interior Shutters and Doors. PVC composite is also available.

Options for Interior Shutters

Because interior shutters don’t need to withstand rough weather conditions, you can focus more on aesthetics when it comes to indoor use. In addition to all the durable wood species we offer for exterior shutters, we have Basswood, Red Oak, Maple, and Yellow Pine. These wood species are perfect for interior shutters and doors.

If you’re still not sure which is the best wood for exterior shutters in your home, let us know. Our expert team can walk you through the advantages of each type to determine the right choice for your shutters.