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A Glossary of Window Shutter Terminology

02 DEC, 2020
A Glossary of Window Shutter Terminology

A Glossary of Window Shutter Terminology

Installing a new set of shutters onto your home doesn’t need to be a difficult process. However, it’s common for many homeowners to become confused when confronted with several different components they’ve never heard of before. Because of this, it’s vital every homeowner familiarizes themselves with the basic phrases and concepts if they want their improvement project to succeed. This is a short glossary of window shutter terminology and their importance to understanding how your shutters work as a whole.


Louvers, or slats as most homeowners refer to them, are the horizontal sections of slanted material that allow light and air to pass through the shutter’s body. Depending on the type of shutter you own, these components can either be fixed or moveable. Fixed is dominantly for decoration, while moveable allows for increased function and control.


The rails of your shutters are the flat pieces of material that sit at the top, middle, and bottom of the product. They provide adequate spacing between panels and create the upper and lower border of the shutter itself.


Stiles, on the other hand, are the vertical sections of the window shutter that sit on either side of the shutter left and right. The Combination of Rails and Stiles create the shutter frame.

Tilt Rod

In moveable shutter systems, the tilt rod is the long stick-like piece that’s attached to the front of the louvers. You can either open and close the louvers by sliding this component up or down. Tilt rods allow for the most control of light and air flow at any given time. Hidden offset control rods are also available to maximize view.

To learn more about the standard components mentioned in this glossary of window shutter terminology, reach out to Millwork Traders. We pride ourselves on having a solid staff of experts to answer all your questions as well as a diverse inventory of products for you to explore. From louvered plantation models to exterior composite board and batten shutters, we carry several different styles to accommodate a wide range of needs.