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Anatomy of Exterior Shutters

14 MAY, 2021
Anatomy of Exterior Shutters

Anatomy of Exterior Shutters

Anatomy of Exterior Shutters

1. Copper Capping: Helps prevent water from collecting on top of the shutter and seeping down into the joinery.

2. Top Rail

3. Center Rail

4. Side Stile

5. Bottom Rail

6. Decorative Cutout - The Sky is the limit!  Send us your ideas. With our expanded CAD and CNC capabilities we can make your dream a reality.

7. Panel Profile - Single Sided Raised Panel Shown. ·Several Panel Options are available.

·Single Sided Raised Panel       Single Sided Raised Panel with V-Groove

·Double Sided Raised Panel      Single Sided Flat Panel

·Double Sided Flat Panel           Flat Offset Panel with V-Groove

8. Mouse Hole

9. Control Rod

10. Louvers – Several Louver Size options are available.

Mortise & Tenon Construction - This time-honored joinery method ensures greater stability and long-lasting durability.

Millwork Traders offers Louvered, Paneled as well as Combination shutters.

To learn more about shutter components, reach out to Millwork Traders. We pride ourselves on having the expertise to answer all your questions as well as a diverse inventory of products for you to explore.

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