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What To Know About Bahama Shutters

09 FEB, 2021
What To Know About Bahama Shutters

What To Know About Bahama Shutters

You’ll most often see exterior Bahama shutters in tropical areas such as Florida and the Caribbean, although they can be used anywhere. They were first designed to protect homes during storms and hurricanes, which often occur in tropical areas. Since then, they have caught on as an enjoyable aesthetic look on a home, especially when the desired look is a beachy or coastal one. Here’s what to know about Bahama shutters.

The Design

Quite simply, Bahama shutters are charming to look at. Nothing says coastal like Bahama shutters. With an ability to come in any color, they’ll make attractive statements on your home. However, because they were designed with a purpose beyond beauty, Bahama shutters are also useful and easy to maneuver. The Bahama shutter is all one piece, with a hinge at the top that you can easily adjust as needed to raise or lower the shutter.

These types of shutters now come in wood or composite material. Both have their benefits. Wood can easily take on a color change, but it may also need repainting at times. Composite material is maintenance free, and it won’t have chipping paint, but you also can’t change it to a new color as easily.

Their Function

As we pointed out, Bahama shutters serve a purpose in storms. You can close them quickly over the exterior window to protect it from fierce winds and other storm damage. You can also easily adjust them throughout the day to allow less or more sunlight in. In hot and humid areas, that means a cooler home and cost savings when you’re cooling the house with A/C.

Because Bahama shutters can quickly cover the entire window, indoor window treatments aren’t necessary. The Bahama shutter offers complete privacy if needed.


The installation of Bahama shutters is unique compared to that of traditional shutters. Installation is fairly simple, but each shutter will have to be adjusted differently, as each window may have its own set of flaws. Don’t let that scare you off. With patience and by closely following the instructions, you can install your own shutters. However, seeking the help of a professional is probably best for quick installation without any issues.

Understanding what you need to know about Bahama shutters will help you decide how to best cover your windows. For simplicity and a relaxed feeling that reminds you of the beach, Bahama shutters are the way to go.

What To Know About Bahama Shutters