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Measuring and Specifications for Exterior Shutters

30 JUN, 2021
Measuring and Specifications for Exterior Shutters

Measuring and Specifications for Exterior Shutters

Custom Options

  • Rail Placement: Distance from Bottom of Shutter to bottom of rail. Rails often align with window elements, lock rail, transoms, and muntins, are sometimes used to achieve a design independent of window layout. Two Equal Sections 50/50 are standard.
  • Custom Options: Millwork Traders can build your shutters to meet your specifications.

Special  Instructions

  • Arch Height: Provide the High Point and Low Point of the arch or the radius.
  • Hardware: See Exterior Hardware Page - Millwork Traders stock many shutter hardware options including Bahama Shutter Hardware.
  • Combination Shutter Options: Combining louver and panel sections is a common design variation. Indicate your layout from top to bottom. (Example: Louver over panel -- L/P)


  • Bahama Shutters are Available in Several Styles.

  • Sold Per Each

  • Available in  1 3/8" DesignLine and Heavy Duty product Lines.

  • Movable Louver Bahama Shutters are limited to one Sub-Stile - Maximum Width 36"

  • Oversize panels are best broken down into multiple sections for ease of shipping and installation, as well as appearance. 

  • Stablizing Bars may be used on panels with or without substiles to produce wider louver sections and prevent louver bowing.

  • Additional Substiles are available in all Fixed and Paneled Bahama Lines. 

Board & Batten Shutters

  • Board & Batten Shutters are available in Premium Composite and Traditional Wood Variations.
  • Standard Board Gap: 1/8" Required for expansion and contraction. 
  • Vertical Boards -- Board width is determined by overall shutter width and number of boards as specified my the customer.
  • Horizontal Battens -- 1" thick x 3 1/2" Wide.
  • It is recommended that Board & Batten Shutters over 42" be constructed with 3 Horizontal Battens.
  • Board & Batten Shutters are available in Premium Composite and Traditional Wood Variations.


Opening WIdth: Window openings are not always perfectly square. Measure the Shutter Opening Width at the Top and  Bottom -  Record the smaller dimension.

  • Shutter Width: Allow for clearances and overlaps generally 1/2" less than the Opening Width then divide by 2.  (Example:  Opening Width = 36" reduce by 1/2" = 35 1/2" divided by 2 =  17 3/4" Shutter Width.
  • Shutter Height: Allow for clearance. Reduce Opening Height by 1/2" gives Shutter Height. (Example: Opening Height 72" reduce by 1/2" = 71 1/2" Shutter Height. )