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What To Consider When Choosing Louver Size

22 FEB, 2021
What To Consider When Choosing Louver Size

What To Consider When Choosing Louver Size

Louvered shutters and doors add an extra visual appeal on the exterior or interior of the home. A louver is a flat horizontal piece attached to a shutter or door at equal intervals, and they come in different sizes. They serve to allow airflow, control light, and privacy, and they simply look nice. Let’s discuss what to consider when choosing louver size.


Shutters for your exterior or interior windows are the perfect idea for beauty and convenience.


Used to enhance curb appeal by brightening up the face of a house, exterior shutters are found in every neighborhood.

In beachy, sunny climates, exterior shutters protect windows from stormy winds and limit entry of the sun’s rays into the home.

The most common louver size is 2 ½ inches but can vary according to needs. When shutters are only decorative, any size will work.

When exterior shutters are protecting the windows, and will be opened and closed, it’s important to consider things like how much light you want to allow in when the shutter is shut over the window. A larger louver will block more light than a small one and may be stronger in blocking hurricane winds.


The same thought process can be used for interior shutters. If only decorative, choose the look you prefer. When shutters are put to work as a window treatment—closed during the heat of the day or for privacy in the evenings—you may want to lean toward a larger louver size for greater privacy and sun blocking.

Either way, smaller windows tend to require a smaller louver. A bigger window has more flexibility.


Louvered doors usually serve a purpose when used inside or outside, but also can be used simply for a casual style inside and outside the home.


Often used in warm, tropical climates, an exterior louvered door allows for privacy without restricting airflow.

They’re also a great option as a patio door to let the cool breeze in on a spring day.


For interior use, louvered doors are used for the same purposes as the exterior. No other door can allow the airflow of a louvered door while still giving privacy. The size of the louver will depend on the level of privacy and airflow needed.

Small spaces that need to remain cool often use louvered doors. For example, a tight space for the furnace system and water heater. They can be closed off with a louvered door but still get good airflow. These types of doors often have a smaller louver because of the small space.

Millwork Traders offers both custom louvered doors and louvered shutters. We’re here to help with what to consider when choosing louver size and all of your shutter and louvered door needs.