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Different Types of Shutter Accessories

09 FEB, 2021
Different Types of Shutter Accessories

Different Types of Shutter Accessories

When homeowners begin installing a new set of shutters on their home, the process is often limited to a set of hinges and the shutter panels themselves. However, it’s important to remember that you aren’t restricted to this simple look. In fact, there are plenty of other hardware items that allow you to improve both the aesthetics and functionality of your shutters. These are some of the different types of shutter accessories and why you should consider using them on your home.

Hinges and Pintles

Hinges are essential to the shutter installation process, but few realize that they can be pleasing to look at. These pieces of hardware can come in a variety of different designs and shapes to appeal to even the most niche of tastes. And you can use pintles to create extra detailing along the shutter, while providing the hinge with more support. When installed together, they can create a traditional look or even something more modern depending on the shape.

Pulls and Latches

Make sure to keep pulls and latches in mind as well. These accessories attach to the inward-facing side of your shutters to help you close and lock them into place. While you can acquire a pair of simple handles for this purpose, many pulls and latches appeal to certain aesthetics. You can ensure your shutters are stylish as well as functional.

Shutter Dogs

Another important type of shutter accessory is a shutter dog. Like latches that help keep your shutters closed, shutter dogs are useful for keeping them open. These products are bolted into your home where the shutters lay flat. You twist upward to pin them in place. Shutter dogs can also be stylish—and are available in many curved or straight designs.

If you’re interested in learning more about shutter accessories and want to search for ones that would look great on your home, reach out to Millwork Traders. In addition to our stock of cedar board and batten shutters, we also carry a plethora of different hardware for installation. You’re guaranteed to find something that works with your personal tastes.

Different Types of Shutter Accessories