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Can You Paint Interior Shutters

19 AUG, 2021
Can You Paint Interior Shutters

Can You Paint Interior Shutters

We all want to change the look and feel of our home every now and again. However, certain areas of a room often end up being more difficult to repaint than others. For this reason, it’s important to not only know whether you can repaint certain objects, but also to know how to do so most effectively. In the following piece, we’ll answer the question of whether you can paint your interior shutters, and provide you with tips on how to complete this process.

The Basics of Interior Shutter Painting

As far as whether you can paint interior shutters or not, the simple answer is yes. However, this does depend on several factors such as the material the shutters are made from, their design, and the type of paint you plan to use. Typically, interior shutters are louvered and comprised of wood or vinyl, making them the ideal type of product for redesign purposes. So, if this is what you have to work with, then you’re free to proceed.

Tips for Painting Interior Shutters

Now that you know that the process of painting interior shutters is possible, it’s crucial that you follow a few steps to do so correctly. While interior shutter models are still made to be weather and erosion-resistant, they aren’t nearly as durable as their exterior counterparts. Therefore, you want to ensure that you’re getting an even coat and using the proper protective methods to make the paint stick. These are some tips to keep in mind:

Remove All Shutter Hardware and Clean

First and foremost, make sure you remove all your shutter’s hardware and clean their panels prior to painting them. This will ensure that you’re able to paint the entire piece of material and that the product will properly stick to it. For cleaning, wipe any dust or debris from the shutter with a damp cloth, then allow some time to air dry.

Always Use a Priming Product

Once the shutters are fully dry, take a minute to coat them with a priming agent. Since vinyl is known to be smooth and makes it difficult for paint to cure properly to its surface, primer acts as the bonding layer to fix this problem. As the primer dries, it will create a slightly more porous exterior for the paint to stick to. This will absorb the pigment and increase the longevity and quality of the finished product.

Spray Paint Rather Than Brush Paint

Then, finally, it’s time to paint. But unlike most home painting that you’ll do with a hand brush, it’s recommended that you use a can of spray paint for this job. With a hand brush, it’s much more difficult to properly spread the paint into all the shutter’s nooks and corners. So, by using an aerosol-based paint, you’re more likely to see even results.

For more information on how to customize your interior shutters, or to learn how to purchase new ones, reach out to Millwork Traders. Our interior shutters are designed to be durable, sturdy, and fully customizable. So, if you ever want to change how they look, the power is yours. We also offer several different interior shutter kits to ensure that your shutters are always installed how you want them.