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How to Increase the Privacy of Your Home

23 JUN, 2020
How to Increase the Privacy of Your Home

How to Increase the Privacy of Your Home

A home’s ability to maintain the privacy of its residents is one of the most important features it can have. No matter how friendly your neighbors are, it’s crucial that your home’s walls keep you safe and secure while inside. Even if you feel like you don’t have anything to worry about, establishing boundaries and protecting your privacy allows you to better keep your business your own. In fact, just by increasing your privacy precautions, you’re well on your way to turning a new house into your sanctuary and home. This is how to increase the privacy of your home and gain some peace of mind.

Install a Fence Along the Property

Building a fence to enclose your yard isn’t just great for marking your property lines—it’s also an effective way to increase your level of privacy. Fences are especially useful for those with small yards, as they take up a small amount of space but still obscure visibility from the street. There are even a series of different types of fences for you to purchase to coincide with your security and design needs. Wooden fencing and concrete block walls, specifically, are the best models for privacy.

Purchase Privacy-Friendly Window Treatments

You can also get more privacy by switching out your current window treatments for ones that are harder to see through. Exterior movable louver shutters are particularly effective at creating a protective barrier against the outside world. Whether it’s light, the elements, or prying eyes, closeable shutters instantly provide a home with additional insulation and decreased window visibility from the outside. Additionally, they can be customized and designed to your home’s specifications so that they both match your style and fit properly.

Use Motion-Activated Yard Lights

Another way to increase the privacy of your home is to install motion-activated lighting along the front and back of the home. These lights not only make your home look beautiful at night, but they also deter animals—and even people—from walking on your property after hours. Because of this, they make a great finishing touch to a home security system as well as a way to increase overall home value. Just be aware that, while sudden illumination might spook individuals away, this isn’t always the case. As such, it’s best that this method is used in tandem with others to maximize its effect.

Change Your Exterior Locks

It’s also important that you remember to change your locks every so often—especially if you’ve given out spare keys in the past. As sturdy as our exterior locks are, they can degrade with time just like any other part of the home. For this reason, many homeowners decide to change their locks every couple of years to decrease a break-in’s likelihood. Be sure as well that you aren’t giving out too many copies of your house keys to further increase your safety.