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How to Prepare Your Home for a Tropical Storm

04 AUG, 2020
How to Prepare Your Home for a Tropical Storm

How to Prepare Your Home for a Tropical Storm

Tropical storms are some of the most unpredictable and dangerous weather events that can happen along the coasts. Powerful enough to tear down trees and send heavy objects flying through the air, these storms are certainly capable of causing severe damage to your home and property. Therefore, it’s crucial as homeowners that we do all we can to raise our home’s defenses and reduce the likelihood of damage should one of these storms come our way. This is how to prepare your home for a tropical storm and protect it from many of the resulting hazards.

Trim Back Trees and Shrubs

When heavy rains and winds sweep through your area, the first things to be affected by them are the nearby foliage. Storms like these are known to easily knock down large branches or even cut down trees entirely. So, if you happen to have them on your property, the chances are high that they could fall on your home and cost you thousands in repairs. Because of this, it’s important that you take some time to cut back some of the larger branches of your trees and bushes. This way, even if they do fall, they won’t cause as much damage.

Repair and Clean Gutters

It’s also important that you clean and repair your gutters if you’re suspecting a heavy storm to hit. Though it might not seem like they’d do much good in a downpour, your gutters are the sole thing keeping water away from your home’s foundation. Without them, your home would quickly become overwhelmed with the increased volume of water and potentially flood. As such, maintaining them and ensuring they're working properly, especially right before a storm, can potentially save your home and belongings.

Install Strong, Durable Shutters

Another effective way to prepare your home for a tropical storm is to install a set of quality shutters to protect your windows. The window areas are the weakest exterior points of your home and are the most likely to break under increased amounts of pressure. For this reason, your home isn’t truly protected from the elements unless you install a strong set of shutters to cover them. Storm shutters, specifically those you can install from a Bahama shutter kit, close downward to direct water away more effectively and keep winds from prying them open. Bahama shutters are very popular to have on coastal homes as they provide this extra level of protection while still being accommodating to your everyday needs.