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Reasons to Add Interior Plantation Shutters to Your Home

23 JUN, 2020
Reasons to Add Interior Plantation Shutters to Your Home

Reasons to Add Interior Plantation Shutters to Your Home

Installing new window treatments is one of the easiest and most effective ways to really spruce up your home. Whether it’s the privacy of blinds or the elegant class of curtains, each option has its own set of advantages to consider. However, homeowners should give second thought to a certain widow treatment in particular—interior plantation shutters. People commonly consider shutters to be external widow treatments, but there are several reasons to add interior plantation shutters to your home.

Simple Maintenance and Cleaning

Many shutter options on the market are difficult to take care of. Between taking them down, scrubbing them, and hanging them back up, what should be a simple project can turn into an all-day affair. But with interior plantation shutters, this process is significantly more streamlined and efficient. In fact, unless you need to repair them, you don’t even have to unscrew them from the window frame. You can get a thorough clean simply by dusting them off and wiping off grime with a wet towel.

Increased Insulation and Security

Interior shutters also provide a home with additional insulation and security around its window areas. When left uncovered, windows not only pose a privacy and security risk to the home’s residents, but also develop drafts that increase their energy usage. These factors can leave you feeling vulnerable and paying more than you should be on your monthly bills. Fortunately, plantation shutters provide an extra layer of insulation to these areas, keeping treated air trapped inside while maintaining your privacy with adjustable slats.


Another important reason to add interior plantation shutters to your home is that they’re incredibly affordable. Made with very durable and flexible materials, they can withstand various types of stress, so you won’t need to fix them as often as other window treatments. Additionally, when they’re fitted properly to your window frame, you won’t need to spend extra funds on accessories to improve their functionality. These characteristics give indoor shutters a great overall value that you can’t find with other types of window treatments.

Sleek, Decorative Appearance

Interior plantation shutters are clearly practical. However, the window treatment a homeowner ultimately chooses boils down to their preferred style. After all, you want to ensure that anything you add to your home complements your existing design. Interior plantation shutters offer a sleek, modern look that balances very well with a variety of different home styles. This—coupled with their diverse color and material options—make them great ways to extenuate your unique home décor.

It’s important to us at Millwork Traders that each of our customers receives the perfect shutters for their home. From interior plantation shutters to exterior cedar board and batten shutters, our inventory has a multitude of options so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for.