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Signs You Should Replace Your Interior Shutters

12 APR, 2020
Signs You Should Replace Your Interior Shutters

Signs You Should Replace Your Interior Shutters

Your home’s interior shutters are perfect for complementing your overall style while giving you control over the temperature and lighting of the environment. However, as much as they help us manage these things, they’re just as prone to break as any other essential home feature. When they do, it’s crucial that you quickly replace them in order to maintain the atmosphere and comfort you’re used to experiencing. These are some of the telltale signs you should replace your interior shutters.

Warped or Uneven Slats

With ample sun and moisture exposure over time, the slats of your interior shutters can begin to bend and reform themselves. This warping prevents them from resting cleanly on one another when they’re closed. As the damage worsens, your shutters will become less and less effective at blocking light—or even looking the part.

Loose or Rusted Hinges

It’s also important to note whenever your shutters seem to be coming loose. You want the hinges to move freely as you manipulate them, but you don’t want them to be so malleable that you’re afraid they’ll fall off. When you notice this, you should either replace the hinges to keep the shutters in place or replace the shutters entirely to ensure an accurate fit.

Noticeable Staining or Color Fading

Years of baking in the sun can also cause the color of your shutters to fade or stain. Your once vibrantly painted shutters might become dull and muted, diminishing the appearance you loved about them in the first place. In addition to this, fading also makes your shutters more prone to stains from any dirt and grime resting on them. Even cleaning them might not return them to their former charm.

Your Windows are New

Even if you don’t notice any of the other signs, you may want to find replacements simply because they don’t fit well with your home anymore. In fact, many homeowners choose to change their interior shutters when they install new windows to ensure they go well together. This is an especially useful method if your new windows are larger or smaller than the original ones.

Finding and installing a new pair of interior shutters doesn’t have to be a tedious process. At Millwork Traders, we supply homeowners like you with the products and knowledge to replace your shutters and get back to enjoying your home. If you’ve noticed any of these signs, our trained experts and stock of interior shutter kits will be able to help.