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Steps to Properly Installing Exterior Window Shutters

17 JAN, 2020
Steps to Properly Installing Exterior Window Shutters

Steps to Properly Installing Exterior Window Shutters

When it comes to complete the look of your home’s exterior, a new set of shutters has a way of tying an entire design together. Unfortunately, the process of installing your exterior fixed shutters can seem complicated and leave you wondering what the process involves. As such, you must research the steps to properly installing exterior window shutters to obtain the best results for your home.


The first step that any homeowner should take in installing their shutters is to choose where to put them and how to position them. Having this idea ahead of time will allow you to experiment with different looks and repaint if you want something more fitting to the color scheme. Remember that a shutter’s bottom rail is often wider than the top rail, so take this into account when placing them. Be sure you also check that your shutters are level and that you leave a quarter-inch gap between the shutters and window trim.

New York Stile “L” Hinges / Strap Hinges

Lay your shutters on a flat, stable surface, place an upper hinge ½” down from the top of the shutter and ¼” in from the left edge of the shutter. Make sure the hinge is square and fasten it to the shutter with the screws provided. Repeat this procedure for the lower hinge at the bottom of the shutter.

Plate Pintels

Next, temporarily insert your two place pintels into the hinges and place your shutter in the casement in the closed position using a ¼” gap between the shutter and the casement at the top and side of the shutter, and between the shutter and the window sill at the bottom. Using a ¼” ship will make this process easier. Mark the pintels mounting holes on the casement. Remove the shutter and install the pintels to the casement with the screws provided. Hang the shutters on the pintels.

S Holdbacks – “Shutter Dogs”

Open the shutters all the way and hold the shutter dog and the lag bolt/screw that will hold it away from the house. Position the shutter dog against the house under the shutter. Ideally, it should be 4 inches in from the shutter’s outer edge and 1 inch below the bottom edge, but this can vary depending on the size of the shutter dog. While holding the bolt/screw against the house, make sure it has enough contact with the shutter to hold it open. Then spin the shutter dog horizontally and check that the shutter can clear it to swing closed. Once you are satisfied with the shutter dog’s position, mark the fastener’s location. Drill a pilot hole then mark and install.