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Strategies for Improving Your Home’s Security

05 NOV, 2020
Strategies for Improving Your Home’s Security

Strategies for Improving Your Home’s Security

When it comes to feeling safe within your own home, nothing is as important as its overall security. This aspect refers to how effectively a house can keep intruders at bay and, therefore, how well you’re protected from an external threat. After all, regardless of where we live, this is where we relax, so it’s also where we’re the most vulnerable. So, even if you already feel safe in your home, it never hurts to be extra prepared. Use these strategies for improving your home’s security to ensure the well-being of yourself and your belongings.

Acquire Secure Exterior Doors

Your external doors are one of the first places thieves are going to look when trying to gain entry to your home. This is because older doors tend to be easier to pick, kick, or open than newer, more stable models. As such, it’s vital that you get your doors replaced immediately should you notice any type of deterioration. It’s also recommended that you get into the habit of switching your locks every few years to make your doors harder to unlock without a key.

Make Sure Your Windows Lock

Your windows are the second place thieves are likely to look, and, unlike doors, we’re more likely to leave them open when we aren’t home. Since screens can be effortlessly torn open, windows with latches will be your primary line of defense. These locks keep your windows firmly closed so that they can’t be lifted from the outside. This provides an extra barrier to protect your things and deters intruders from spending more time on the property.

Install Shutters Over Your Windows

For additional protection around your windows, it’s also highly encouraged that you install sets of durable cedar board and batten shutters. These treatments, along with providing climate control inside, make it much harder for those outside of the home to tamper with your windows. This discourages them from taking action, as they’ll need to work harder to get past them.

Purchase Motion-Activated Lights

Another effective strategy for improving your home’s security is to set up a motion-activated lighting system for after dark. Upon turning on, these lights will not only startle any potential intruders, but they’ll also make it seem as though you’re aware of their presence. This increases the chances of them stopping in their tracks and running away to avoid being seen by neighbors.