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The Differences Between Shutters and Blinds

23 APR, 2020
The Differences Between Shutters and Blinds

The Differences Between Shutters and Blinds

Though it might seem like picking between shutters and blinds might be barely worth the thought, there’s more to consider than many tend to think. In fact, when it comes to choosing the proper interior window treatments for our homes, not just any option will do. What will fit well in one home might not fulfill another homeowner’s needs. It’s for this reason that each person needs to carefully research their options and make the decision that’s best for them. These are the differences between shutters and blinds and what each can potentially bring to your home.

Window Blinds

Consisting of a series of plastic or vinyl slats strung together with a pulley system, blinds are the most common form of window treatment found in homes. This is because they’re the cheapest option that still allows for customization of light by raising or lowering them at different times of day. You can also adjust the amount of space you want between the slats to better accommodate certain needs such as privacy and minor light regulation. Blinds come in a series of designs and colors that can accommodate your home’s design. Despite the design of your blinds, their functionality remains the same.

Interior Window Shutters

Shutters, on the other hand, are designed to be durable and accommodating. Unlike blinds that are fastened to the inside of the window recess, shutters are installed along the window’s frame. This not only makes them sturdier than blinds, but better insulating and longer lasting. These features make them a wonderful investment for those who want to find a secure window treatment that will provide them with increased privacy, light, and climate control. Additionally, the architectural customization evolved with installing shutters makes them better suited to create a unique and appealing style. Interior louvered shutters, in particular, can fit to a variety of window frames and provide the home with a customized look that’s all its own.