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The Different Types of Interior Shutters

24 OCT, 2019
The Different Types of Interior Shutters

The Different Types of Interior Shutters

Shutters aren’t exclusively for the exterior of a home. In fact, interior window shutters are often a better alternative to blinds and curtains. Stylish, custom, and efficient, shutters are perfect for people who want to make a statement with their window design while maintaining privacy and functionality. If you want to incorporate these benefits in your home’s design, learn more about the different types of interior shutters and make the most fitting choice.

Polywood Shutters

Polywood shutters are created from a synthetic wood substitute notable for its strength. They typically don’t chip, warp, or split under pressure, and they’re infused with UV stabilizers to slow down the fading process. These shutters are characterized by their distinct white-washed and picketed design.

Plantation Shutters

This type of shutter is among the most popular for its customizability. Interior louvered shutters, in particular, are great for letting light in when open, blocking light when closed, and even helping to conserve energy in hot or cold climates. Their maneuverability allows you to adjust them to fit your needs, supplying you with a series of design options. Plantation shutters are offered in a variety of wood species, Basswood is our default species, we also offer Red Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Cypress, Pine and Cherry.  Plantation shutters can be ordered Stain Grade Unfinished, Factory Stained , Primed & Prepped or Factory Finished color of your choice.


No matter which type of shutter piques your interest, reach out to Millwork Traders to find your perfect match. Our interior and exterior shutters are built to order, ensuring that they’ll fit and function properly in the space you have.