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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Exterior Shutter

18 FEB, 2020
Tips for Choosing the Perfect Exterior Shutter

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Exterior Shutter

Though shutters might all seem similar, it’s important to note that each of them comes with their own set of specific uses and unique styles to complement different homes. Exterior shutters are particularly diverse, as they must stand up to various elemental conditions while maintaining a stylish appearance. However, it’s because of these options that it’s often challenging to find the right product for your home. Utilize these tips for choosing the perfect exterior shutters to make an informed, confident decision.

Identify Your Needs

While having an idea of what style you want is helpful, it doesn’t do your home much good if the shutters don’t meet all your needs. In addition to providing aesthetic value to your home, exterior shutters also provide protection, privacy, temperature control, and light regulation. As such, you must find a shutter model that provides you with the right balance of features for your purchase to be a success.

Decide on Size and Placement

Once you find shutters that offer the features you want, take some time to think about how you want the shutters sized and placed. Depending on the shape of your windows, you may even need to get them custom ordered to fit properly. Because of this, having a vision of where they’ll be placed gives you the opportunity to adjust how you install or purchase them.

Consider Your Home’s Style

Whether you want classic composite board and batten shutters or standard louvered models, your home’s design is key to ensuring your choice is a good fit. Exterior shutters are typically the most effective at complementing a home’s established design. So, rather than trying to match the home to the shutters, find a way to match the shutters to the home. Look at focal points such as architecture and siding work. These features will help you determine which shutter styles will look best in their vicinity.

Think About the Overall Color Scheme

While you’re trying to match the shutters to your home, you’ll also want to pay extra attention to your preexisting color scheme. Ensuring that your shutters are painted the right colors will help tie the overall look together and make the home’s design consistent.

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